Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Walk to Rivendell - Week 19 Report

I just realised that it's over two weeks since I last posted a report. It's not that I haven't been walking and cycling - and keeping records, but I've been fighting a severe tendinitis flare-up which has kept time on the computer to a minimum. However, week 19 of this journey was momentous in that I passed the 358 mile mark and am now in the home stretch, so... some


Miles walked or cycled: 22
Total covered: 358
Miles to go: 60

Days active: 5
Average daily distance: 4.4 miles

Position in relation to Frodo and friends:
Entering the steep land of the Trollshaws; the hills quickly shut them in - difficult going

Spring, in all her glory has finally condescended to join us. Every spring, Kuressaare town organizes a gardens' competition.

Many of our local citizens take this very seriously, so in honour of all you flower lovers out there, I took Marlene out on a brilliantly sunny afternoon to take these photos for you.

And finally, the sunset of the week.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Beautiful pictures.

stephanie said...

I had recently been thinking you had been a while in posting. This is worth your absence (almost). The flowers are lovely, and go you! with the progress on WtR.

martha said...

Thanks Rachel and Steph,

It's been a less than wonderful few weeks. Hopefully the worst is over.

sonia said...

what a feast for the eyes - beautiful pictures. Tulips all gone here so nice to see them there. What tree is that with the white flowers? The dandilions look lovely

spacedlaw said...

Beautiful sunset picture. And plenty of pretty flowers does make the walking more pleasant.

martha said...

Those are apple blossoms. The town and island are full of apple trees. Last year the Saare Mahe made gazilions of liters of apple juice and we just scratched the surface of what was available.

Thank you. The island is a pretty place but never more so than in spring.