Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Walk to Rivendell - Week 19 Report

I just realised that it's over two weeks since I last posted a report. It's not that I haven't been walking and cycling - and keeping records, but I've been fighting a severe tendinitis flare-up which has kept time on the computer to a minimum. However, week 19 of this journey was momentous in that I passed the 358 mile mark and am now in the home stretch, so... some


Miles walked or cycled: 22
Total covered: 358
Miles to go: 60

Days active: 5
Average daily distance: 4.4 miles

Position in relation to Frodo and friends:
Entering the steep land of the Trollshaws; the hills quickly shut them in - difficult going

Spring, in all her glory has finally condescended to join us. Every spring, Kuressaare town organizes a gardens' competition.

Many of our local citizens take this very seriously, so in honour of all you flower lovers out there, I took Marlene out on a brilliantly sunny afternoon to take these photos for you.

And finally, the sunset of the week.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Walk to Rivendell - Week 18 Report

This, week 18 is the start of May. We've finally had some rain and everything is getting ready to bloom. These are called 'sirel' here and they are one of my favourite flowers.

It is also the start of my 5th month on this adventure. My companion D. has reached our goal and has headed back on the trail to Lothlorien. I'm going to really crack on if I'm ever going to catch up with her. So.....

Miles walked or cycled: 25
Kilometres walked or cycled: 41
Total covered: 347 / 555
Still to go: 111 / 178 - as you can see I have a little more than 100 miles to do. If you had suggested to me in January I would be finishing this in June I'd have laughed in your face.
Location in relation to Frodo & Co.
Contining in long valley, land starting to rise gradually.

It's spring and around here, as well as flowers , spring means school exams. Last week I was invited to be a taster for a third year culinary group.

It's a very important and demanding day for these young people. Next February they will present their final work before we turn them loose on an unsuspecting world

These are students who by now should be able to do a pretty good job - and most of them do.

But sometimes, a little more care needs to be taken. The unfortunate who cooked this had the misfortune to have me as his taster.

Here are my colleagues and friends
who are discussing what
marks to give the students.

And finally, more spring flowers.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Walk to Rivendell - Week 17 Report

April with its showers has indeed brought May flowers. Actually, that's not quite true. Flowers we have aplenty, but rain has been dangerously scarce. There have already been forest fires in a few places. The lovely weather: clear skies, bright sunshine and mild breezes have meant I am back on the bicycle with a vengeance, so my distance covered totals have risen sharply. So forthwith (I love that word.) weekly and monthly STATS.

Week 17
Days walked or cycled: 5
Miles: 25
Kilometres: 40
Totals: 321 / 514
Still to Go: 138 / 220
Location in relation to Frodo & Co.'s journey:
Somehow stuck in that wide shallow valley, trudging doggedly on with a dangerously ill Frodo.

Days walked or cycled: 26
Miles: 127
Kms.: 204
Average per day: 4,8 / 7,8
2 milestones passed this month
Half-way point 229 miles on day 60 - 09.04.09
Reached Weathertop 240 miles on day 63 - 13.04.09

4 months into project - monthly averages: 80 /128
At this rate I should finish in mid-June. What am I gonna do after that?

Believe it or not, I have done a few other things besides walking & cycling.

Those include tending my garden. I now have 3 usable pots of Basil.

Aren't they pretty?

And salvia seedlings which will go into a big pot outside next week.

And tomato seedlings which I plan to pot on tomorrow.

That's all for April. Next week I'll let you know how I started the 'Merry month of May'