Sunday, May 10, 2009

Walk to Rivendell - Week 18 Report

This, week 18 is the start of May. We've finally had some rain and everything is getting ready to bloom. These are called 'sirel' here and they are one of my favourite flowers.

It is also the start of my 5th month on this adventure. My companion D. has reached our goal and has headed back on the trail to Lothlorien. I'm going to really crack on if I'm ever going to catch up with her. So.....

Miles walked or cycled: 25
Kilometres walked or cycled: 41
Total covered: 347 / 555
Still to go: 111 / 178 - as you can see I have a little more than 100 miles to do. If you had suggested to me in January I would be finishing this in June I'd have laughed in your face.
Location in relation to Frodo & Co.
Contining in long valley, land starting to rise gradually.

It's spring and around here, as well as flowers , spring means school exams. Last week I was invited to be a taster for a third year culinary group.

It's a very important and demanding day for these young people. Next February they will present their final work before we turn them loose on an unsuspecting world

These are students who by now should be able to do a pretty good job - and most of them do.

But sometimes, a little more care needs to be taken. The unfortunate who cooked this had the misfortune to have me as his taster.

Here are my colleagues and friends
who are discussing what
marks to give the students.

And finally, more spring flowers.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Lilacs and irises and violets too!

spacedlaw said...

That was salmon?

martha said...

Rachel - I love purple flowers in the spring. They dominate here for a few weeks before giving sway to the yellows.

Nat. - Yes, that WAS salmon, and very nice when it was finally cooked properly. We made the student re-do it.

sonia said...

lovely flowers- particulary irises and lilac as I don't have any nearby. I love purple too. I'm sure the students appreciate your directness and fairness and it helps them do better,

spacedlaw said...

Cooking time for fish = very tricky.
In particular when fashion gets inside the parameters and decrees it should be nicely seared outside but barely cooked inside (and the customer disagrees)...

martha said...

Sonia: Purple flower are one of the things I like best about spring

Nat: The students ARE taught to approach this fashionable style, but this boy presented something that EVEN I wouldn't eat.

stephanie said...

purple = my favourite color *sighs* Lovely, particularly the final photo.

Food tasting fun! (Except for the poor salmon student, of course.) I'm glad you made that one re-do.

martha said...

Stephanie: It was that or fail him.
Glad you like the photos.