Saturday, June 6, 2009

Walk to Rivendell - Week 20 and 21 Report

I realise that I have been terribly remiss about posting my activities. I have been walking and cycling and keeping records, but somehow the act of sitting down at the computer and writing it all out had sunk to the bottom of the fish bowl. To prove to you all that I have been doing my bit, I am posting the results of two weeks of walking AND a report on my adventures in our capital city Tallinn last weekend.

Weeks 20 and 21 to end of May
Days walked or cycled: 9
Miles traversed*: 38
Miles traversed in May:
Total miles covered: 410
Miles to Rivendell: 40
31 May - Sunrise: 04:36 / Sunset: 22:21
Hours of daylight: 17 hours 45 minutes**
*Isn't that a wonderful word
** Something I love about living up here.

Since I retired (Ho, ho, ho) one of the things I have been able to do, is give more time to our local organic farmers group (Saare Mahe).Last weekend I went with my friends Karen and Alar Alas, to the opening weekend of the Rottermann Quartiere Local Foods Fair.

This is an initiative to provide more activities for visitors and Tallinners as well a offering artisanal food producers from all around Estonia a chance to sell their products.

The Rotermann Quartiere is a collection of old and new buildings which are being restored and raised up in a location just beside the edge of the Tallinn Old Town.

We were the 'B Team' which meant we would be working Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. This meant getting up at the ungodly hour of 04:30 to catch the 06:00 ferry crossing to the mainland.

The Saaremaa group had taken two of the especially built karts on which we laid out a range of island products:

Pirukas - small filled pies similar to Cornish pasties.

Rhubarb cake made from whole grain flour, flavoured with cinnamon, ginger and grappa.

Knock your socks of mustard from Mustjala and island honey.

...and that traditional favourite of islanders and Estonians - dried fish

We stayed overnight in the city which meant that on Friday night we were able to see Star Trek in the Coca cola Cineplex in ear shattering surround sound. I loved it!

Finally by 15:00, we had sold everything, the market was over - for this week and tired but happy we headed back to our island home.


stephanie said...

Fabulous photos! I love the market there. Rhubarb cake, I bet it's delicious. :)

And go you with only 40 mi left to walk!

spacedlaw said...

Mah. Dried fish...
Honey and rhubarb on the other hand!

martha said...

Stephanie: I made the cake - can send you the recipe - or post it if you like. It's not hard to make.

N. I know, I can't stand the dried fish either - smelly and very salty, but Estonians love them.

sonia said...

well worth the wait. great pictures and descriptions. The bird feeders-brilliant colours. In Ukraine I had dried fish in the local bar with my beer - I enjoyed it.

martha said...

Hi Sonia
Enjoyed dried fish with beer in a bar, you must have Estonian blood somewhere!!! Oh, wait, Ukraine isn't that far from the Baltics - is it.

sonia said...

no it's not far.