Saturday, May 2, 2009

Walk to Rivendell - Week 17 Report

April with its showers has indeed brought May flowers. Actually, that's not quite true. Flowers we have aplenty, but rain has been dangerously scarce. There have already been forest fires in a few places. The lovely weather: clear skies, bright sunshine and mild breezes have meant I am back on the bicycle with a vengeance, so my distance covered totals have risen sharply. So forthwith (I love that word.) weekly and monthly STATS.

Week 17
Days walked or cycled: 5
Miles: 25
Kilometres: 40
Totals: 321 / 514
Still to Go: 138 / 220
Location in relation to Frodo & Co.'s journey:
Somehow stuck in that wide shallow valley, trudging doggedly on with a dangerously ill Frodo.

Days walked or cycled: 26
Miles: 127
Kms.: 204
Average per day: 4,8 / 7,8
2 milestones passed this month
Half-way point 229 miles on day 60 - 09.04.09
Reached Weathertop 240 miles on day 63 - 13.04.09

4 months into project - monthly averages: 80 /128
At this rate I should finish in mid-June. What am I gonna do after that?

Believe it or not, I have done a few other things besides walking & cycling.

Those include tending my garden. I now have 3 usable pots of Basil.

Aren't they pretty?

And salvia seedlings which will go into a big pot outside next week.

And tomato seedlings which I plan to pot on tomorrow.

That's all for April. Next week I'll let you know how I started the 'Merry month of May'


Leatherdykeuk said...

Seedling love :)

spacedlaw said...

Forest fires?
Should we send spare sogging, which we have a plenty this year?

martha said...

Aren't gardens wonderful?

If sogging = rain, yes please.

Kate said...

I'd offer to share some of the rain we just got, but we realllly need it. Sorry. Thankfully no forest fires for us yet. those will come in Sept/October if we are lucky, June if we aren't.

Your basil look lovely. I just got a Pomegranate shrubbery! and three CA poppy plants. I am going to repot them into something a little bigger so we can enjoy the show when the sunny heads appear!.

Hugs from the CA gang.

martha said...

Hi Kitten,
Aren't growing things fun? Hugs to all of you 2.

Mediterranean kiwi said...

love the sky shot - mesmerising
glad to hear the weatehr has perked up in your part of the world; those potted plants look good too
it's overcast here, and slightly cold, after a few glorious days of sunshine

sonia said...

I am so envious of your basil plants - they look so bountiful already! Quite a few of my fellow allotmenteers buy plants to put in but I don't think you can beat the buzz of putting a seed in a pot of dirt and watching it sprout its magic.

stephanie said...

We, too, are very low on rain this year. Good luck with that.

The seedlings are wonderful. You are fortunate indeed to be growing right now. I envy my gardening friends.

martha said...

Sorry about the glum weather. That's a real problem with islands - unpredictable weather. Hang in there, as you know real summer is just around the corner.

I've never had quite such success with seeds before. I think it's your plastic bag incubator that did it. I'm just in love with my little green friends.

World weather is insane. Don't try to tell me global warming isn't real.

It's giving me such pleasure to watch my little babies growing up.