Sunday, April 26, 2009

Walk to Rivendell - Week 16 Report

Spring has Sprung here in Kuressaare and that can mean only one thing -
The start of the tourism season!

This is heralded by an annual event, now celelbrating its 10th anniversary, organised by the Kuressaare Ametikool (my old employer) -

The Vallikraavi veeralli or
The Round the Castle Moat Boat Race(s).

Like all good sporting events, this one begins with a parade, starting from the school parking lot, snaking through the town centre, no longer gray and snow-ridden (you remember THOSE photos).

and down to the Castle Park which surrounds our 14th century crusader castle.

There in the bright sunshine which always accompanies this day, teams of 4 students and 1 local dignitary race around the castle moat.

The final heat is for alternative craft. I wish I had space for all the creative variations for this heat, but....... one picture will have to tell 10 years of stories.

After a beautiful day in the sun, it's time for some STATS:
Days walked or cycled: 7
Miles : 36
Kms.: 58
Totals covered: 296 / 474
Still to go: 163 / 260
Location in relation to Frodo & Co's journey:
Trudge & camp, trudge & camp, begin to follow a wide shallow curving valley

And so, time to go home. I'm on my way to a barbeque with the local Mahe (organic) crowd. See you next week!


spacedlaw said...

I love the boat with balloons picture! Have great fun.

martha said...

Thank you. It's not possible to tell from the photo, but the passengers are Suur Töll and his long suffering wife Piret. He is the main local mythical hero. I have plans to do a whole post on them - soon I have some great photos from another location.

sonia said...

I also love the photo of the balloon boat and mysterious figures. Wooden boats in other photo look lovely too. Wonderful spring sunshine !!

martha said...

Aren't the boats beautiful. They are hand made here on the island. I hope to get out to the factory where they are made and take some photos for a post later in the summer.

stephanie said...

That looks like great fun! The weather seems to have turned for the season at last. :)

martha said...

It is, especially when the headmasters of the 3 high schools race in teams against each other. Does the expression Alpha-male have any resonance for you?

Yes - weather has been more and more beautiful since the start of the month - makes me remember why I suffer through the winters.