Thursday, April 2, 2009

Walk to Rivendell - Week 13 & March Report

Well, March indeed came in like the proverbial lion (We had more snow in March than in the whole of the preceding winter.) and adopted a lamb-like face for its retreat - temperatures above freezing - even at night - and snow all melted. Week 13 acquired 2 extra walking days so the
STATS look like this
Days walked: 6
Distances walked: miles - 22 / kms. - 36

Average walk per day: 3.6 / 6


Days walked: 19

Distances walked: 76 / 126

I have now covered 194 miles - not quite half. I reached the first major milestone that I set for myself - Bree, a
nd managed to continue without losing my horses, breaking any bones or encountering any reasonable reason for giving up. With Frodo, I am camped in the eastern part of the Midgewater Marshes. The flashes of light I saw in the east during the night unlike Frodo & Co.(Gandalf on Weathertop) were from a brilliant first quarter moon.

So, what have I been up to, since last we met? Precious little, I'm afraid. The only major accomplishment has been to start propagating seed for my balcony garden, using S.'s plastic bag suggestion. It doesn't seem like much but the prospect of a ready supply of basil during the summer has me quite chuffed.

This nondescript item is hopefully going to produce cherry tomato seedlings
that I can later plant in a hanging basket.

Finally, Neri, fed up with my lethargy is utterly and totally bored.

That's All Folks!!!!

I promise to try and do better next week.


Leatherdykeuk said...

I can never manage to grow Basil

spacedlaw said...

So the lion came in and had a lay in...
Basil can be very tricky to grow, even in Italy, so good luck with it.

martha said...

I've never been really successful before, but so far it's looking good.

Will continue to post progress photos. If I had a real garden, it would be no problem. Basil grows like a weed here, but, indoors, on a balcony.....

sonia said...

Basil has come up lovely made my heat sing - I must be plant obsessed. Think you need to prick out the seedlings and put them in their own pot so they have more room to grow. well done I found it heavy going with my basil and when I did get them to decent size white fly took over them when I wasn't looking.

martha said...

Yes, they are pretty - aren't they? I agree - some of my babies need a new home. I will get it ready later this morning. Just looked at my tomatoes and the first green shoots have started to poke out. I think they'll be out of the incubator by the end of the weekend.
What can you do - that's safe / organic for white fly? I don't really want to douse them in RAID.

sonia said...

funnily enough I was reading that basil is a good decoy plant for the whitefly. but i don't suppose you want whitefly over your basil either. This might not be for you but when the flies appear I just squidge them between my finger and thumb and kill them. this only works if you are vigilant and get them before there's too many of them. otherwise people spray them with washing up liquid and water mix but I don't really like the idea of that. wow tomatoes up too -fab!

martha said...

I think washing up liquid is a better bet than RAID, and as it's food I wash everything anyway the WUL will come off fairly easily.

Kate said...

Neri looks very comfy! Yep... I finally got your Blog added to my blog roll so I can now try to remember to check up on you! :)

martha said...

I hope I can keep you interested. Check out Week 12. That one's especially for you.

sonia said...

ps read that greenfly and blackfly hate the smell of basil.