Friday, April 10, 2009

Walk to Rivendell - Week 14 Report

Sorry about the lag in posting this - the return of fit-for-humans weather has made me more than a little antsy. I'm out walking or riding my bike most days, then too tired or too distracted to post my findings. But I promise to do better. (When have you read that before?)

So, first some STATS:
Days walked or cycled: 3
Distance in Kms.: 31
Distance in miles: 25
Distance covere
d: 213 / 347
Distance to go: 245 / 436

Position in relation to Frodo & Co.
Camp by a stream, among stunted alder trees

This is my trusty companion - Marlene.

Those who live in a rural environment know that their lives and activities are shaped by the cycle of the year. In cities, this connection to the cycles is often over-ridden by technology. People tend to forget (and that included me) how much a part of the land and the sky we are. Here on the island, even those of us who are not farmers or fishermen live lives that are bounded by and determined by the seasons.

In old times, the agricultural year began on 17 January, Tõnupäev, with offerings to the household fairies. As Tõnu was a god of the harvest and of pigs, often a half a pig's head was eaten.

Ploughing day came 3 months later on 14 April while St George's Day, 23 April, celebrated the God of Agriculture. By now sowing and planting were in full swing.

Man may become tired but the days flow on inexorably.

21 June, Mid-summer brought the start of haymaking which would end by St Joseph's Day, 25 July and the beginning of rye reaping.

These were not and are not arbitrary dates. A farmer who left his crop in the field too late might well see it destroyed by an early storm.

So, once again, Spring has come and the land,
maa is waking up.

And here a visual progress report on the state of my own garden.


stephanie said...

What super photos! The bicycle shot is great, and I love the moss covered rocks. I miss gardening though, and your bitty plants make me miss it even more.

martha said...

Thanks Stef.
I too miss having a real garden.I lived in the one I had on Crete.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Lovely shots, Martha.

martha said...

Thank you very much Rachel. This place is so beautiful - sometimes - that the pictures kind of just take themselves.

sonia said...

i agree beautiful pictures. lovely to have visual update on's so nice to have all these confirmations of spring. daughter has got out of bed must dash...

spacedlaw said...

It's nice to see you up and about.

sonia said...

ps Nastursium(speling??) flowers can also be used to lure aphids away from other plants though i'm never sure if they attract more than you'd otherwise get.

martha said...

S. I do usually plant nasturtiums - and they do attract some kind of ugly insect. I think I'll stick with the washing up liquid.

N. You know how I am - sunshine is better than any drug or vitamin - almost, but not quite better than oysters...