Monday, March 9, 2009

Walk to Rivendell - Week 10 Report

This interminable Winter persists in hanging on, while Spring, doing it’s harlots dance tantalises and taunts with brief days and fleeting hours of sunshine followed by days of driving snow. You all must be as sick of reading me complaining about the weather as I am living with it. So, this week I am providing you with a little report on one of our local harbinger’s of hope for the future – the Kuressaare Regional Training Centre’s spring Service Department’s Student Competitions.

This is the first round of competitions that will see successful students from all over Estonia travelling to competitions all over Europe and even further. One important event is the World Skills event, this year in Vancouver, Canada. My friend Marge is the Estonian expert in the area of Culinaria.

Cooking is one of the more important disciplines in the KRTC. This jury includes 2 chefs who earlier graduated from the school as well as the head chef of the Saaremaa Spa Hotels.

Baking and patisserie is also important. Here the competitors are offering their creations to the guests at the awards ceremony.

Naturally in a school like ours restaurant service and contacts with students from other countries are also
important. Here my friend Jorma, the school’s restaurant service trainer is meeting with a group from Antalya, Turkey who will be spending a month studying in KRTC.

The key judge for the service competition was another graduate of our school. Tõnis is now the Maitre d’ in the new Arensburg Hotel & Spa restaurants.

Finally in a locale with so many up-market spa hotels, that one local paper has
knamed us ‘Spa-remaa’, finding people to clean and prepare all those rooms is of critical importance.

‘How do you like them swans?’

Weekly STATS

5 days walked

Miles = 15.2

Kms. = 24.7

Totals walked: 133.3 / 215.3

Still to go 324 / 522

In relation to Frodo &Co:

Strider sees them, walking along the Great East Road, but hides.

And just to remind you what I am up against, still another snow scene.


spacedlaw said...

Snow looks pretty but, yes, it must lose its charm after a while.

Mediterranean kiwi said...

your world is so different from mine

vasilis owned three tavernas - a summer one at Ayious Apostolous, another at Gerani, and an all-year one called Gourmet in Nea Hora

sonia said...

the pictures of food are making me hungry. Yes the snow does look pretty but I think I prefer England's one-three day snow.

Leatherdykeuk said...

I would long for green fields again!

martha said...

Thank you all for your supportive words. Rachel & Nat: I am so longing for green that I have begun comtemplating hitch-hiking to ...... anywhere WARM! and dry.

Sonja the competition day was fun. I'm wondering what that group from Turkey is feeling. Antalya is on the Med. Coast and is already quite warm.

Xaniotissa: That place in Ayious Apostolous wasn't the 'Banana Club', was it?

stephanie said...

The lady in the first photo looks like my last boss. Maybe an omen? :)

Echoing others (and yourself), the snow is truly lovely, but I can well imagine you are ready for green by now. *hugs*

martha said...

I hope you liked your last boss - Marge is one of my best friends here and is a proper lunatic like we are.