Sunday, February 22, 2009

Walk to Rivendell - Week 8 Report

After I posted the photograph of the abandoned mini-digger, several friends mentioned that they were interested in old machinery. As I am too, I promised to do a post of some of the things that have been left lying around. Some of these artefacts have been until recently in use; some were simply abandoned when the Soviets moved out in 1992. I think they are beautiful. Maybe you will too.

On a clear sunnyday, which is what it was
Tööstuse 25 (It means industrial space.)
can seem like an outdoor sculpture park for

Industrial Archaeology

Spirit Bridge – It’s obvious that it

once carried something.

What does it transport now

Troll Cave -
I imagine this is
where the trolls who

work here now live.

If you look closely, you can see

the Trolls enjoying their break

in the sunshine.

Bosses will be bosses and
all good ghosts they need
somewhere soft on which
to place their scrawny buts.

WALL-E's cousin Mel was

devastated that he didn't get

to go to Hollywood to see

His cousin collect his Oscar.

Back in the real world,
farm animals waiting
for their dinner.

In places like this, the line between
what is real and what
is ephemeral is very fine


3 days walked

Miles = 13.2

Kms. = 21

Totals walked 101.8 / 163.6

Still to go 356 / 573

In relation to Frodo &Co:

Climb zigzag path to brow of hill on west side of Barrow-downs

. Turn more east than they intend and enter the Barrow-downs, a place of great dread.

Our friends will be facing great danger – What will I be facing next week?

So we don’t forget: Sunshine on birches


Leatherdykeuk said...

Oh! Those birches!

stephanie said...

I love the farm animals and the troll cave. What fun you're having!

spacedlaw said...

Yeah! Kitties!

martha said...

Rachel - Birches are a common tree here but they are so lovely in the right light.

This is not a very nice or well kept farm near me, but this afternoon the whole crowd was sunbathing on the front step. The farmer usually comes out about this time to feed them.

sonia said...

hoorah. love the birches. The shadow, birch ,colour of building and rust and look gorgeous together. love the bridge- concrete manages to look delicate here. I like motorway bridges in england. i have a soft spot for concret