Sunday, February 1, 2009

Walk to Rivendell – Week 5 Report

For no reason other than that I like it, I begin this weeks report with a quote from the ‘Lord of the Rings, Book II, The Twin Towers

‘Gandalf laughed, ‘A most unquenchable hobbit!

All wizards should have a hobbit or two in their care –

to teach them the meaning of the word, and to correct them.’

This has indeed been a week of trials and testings. For 6/7’s of the week the weather continued to display its unremitting grey face – so much so that I ran out of ways to describe the egregious colour: slate, steel, dull, grim, dirty – all had lost the power to convey the mind-numbing quality of this endless non-colour. Finally, unable to work, to string effective words into sentences, unable to sleep properly, to answer simple e-mails from friends, I became convinced that I was immersed in a fog of true Tolkien dimensions, and almost fell into the Bog of Grievous Despair.

Fortunately, Saturday brought with it clean crisp cold air and brilliant sunshine. I told the housework what it could do with itself and prepared to hit the road.

I have been calculating my mileage on the basis of a previous measurement – that I could walk 4 kilometres in an hour. I determined to verify this by walking from marker post to marker post and checking my time. Indeed on the way out my supposition proved ‘spot on.’ On the return journey, tired legs and frequent stops for ‘photo-ops’ demanded more time. However…………… I made it, though that last mile was hard.

I shall be very glad when spring brings the end of the snow and ice so I can walk in lighter shoes. My sturdy winter boots are HEAVY!!!

So, time for some STATS:

Week 5:

Am more than halfway into Book 2 – The Twin Towers

Total for week – 13.8 miles / 4 walking days

Total walked to date – 59.1 miles

Location in relation to Frodo & Co.:

Well stuck into the area of the Marish with fields, meadows, hedges, gates, and drainage dikes. Soon to be at Farmer Maggot’s


spacedlaw said...

Silver, ash, ashen, cinereal, clouded, dappled, dingy, dove, drab, dusky, dusty, grey, heather, iron, lead, leaden, livid, mousy, neutral, oyster, pearly, peppery, powder, sere, shaded, silvered, silvery, slate, smoky, somber, stone...

I like "cinereal" best. Might use that as WoD.
Mrs. Neri might appreciate the use of "mousy"...

martha said...

You're right of course, but I'm bored with grey and many of your suggestions describe something nice - not this energy and wit sapping miasma that has enveloped me.
I'll have word with Neri about the mouse. She might prefer the dove, though. LOL

sonia said...

Hello it's me allotmenteer-thanks for telling me about your the pictures. I first went to ukraine ten years ago to meet my uncle aunt and cousins. loved them and country so much we try and go every year. Went to kiev first time as didn't know if would go again to ukraine river dniepro like a vast lake with sand shore. building very soviet. would recommend it. relatives live in a village 30 miles from Lvov which is much more austrian in character rather than soviet. i love all the space (steppes) around their village and the massive forests. nice chatting to you.

martha said...

Welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. I hope you keep up with your gardening blog and I look forward to your Musemugger posts.

spacedlaw said...

What about week 6,then?

martha said...

Week 6 walking interrupted by stomach lurgy. Walking has resumed; report will follow tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.