Tuesday, August 4, 2009

To Lothlòrien 3 - July Report

Many, many apologies! Have been walking, cycling, working, swimming, travelling, writing short stories, taking photographs, growing tomatoes, keeping track of my mileage - everything, in fact except posting in my blog. This today is by way of a catch up - my report for the month of July.

Total miles walked or cycled in July: 116*
*This includes the 22 in The end of June report on Jaanipäev.
That means that at the end of July, I have covered:
Towards Lothlòrian: 167 miles
Still to go: 295
Total traversed this year: 625
Day light at start of July: 18 hours 03 minutes
- at 31 July: 16 hours 33 minutes

The rate of change is rapidly increasing and we are losing 5 - 6 minutes a day of light - the price we pay for our glorious summers.

But the hours of (almost) total darkness are still a few months away, so I want to show a bit more of what islanders get up to when they have sun, warmth and sea.

Mid July, I spent a long weekend on Vilsandi Island, reachable only by boat. This map in the information centre gives some idea of where I went.

We began by loading our boat with the supplies for the weekend. There are no shops out there and only 2 small guest houses.

Then headed out across the sea.

It was the annual Vilsandi Days, a summer festival similar to a gathering of the clans. My almost ex-boss, Neeme had asked me to help him with spit-roasting a lamb for the Friday picnic.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous - as you can see.

On Saturday, there was a ceremony at the lighthouse with music provided by the Female Choir of the National Library of Estonia and the United Male Choir of Saaremaa**. In the evening there was an out door theatrical presentation and a party - no pictures of those, as I was too tired and having too much fun. Mea culpa.

**with thanks to my friend Raigo for giving me the correct names.

No pictures of the trip back on Sunday as it rained bloody blue cats and fishes with lightening thrown in for good measure.

The island is famous for the many fossils the litter the beaches

So, come and join us some summer. We can have a beer, eat some of the islanders famous smoked fish and watch the sunset over the dunes


spacedlaw said...

What strange looking fossils...

stephanie said...

I love the rocky shore photo. My kind of place (particularly with days of near darkness...).

martha said...

N. Apparently it's fossil hunters paradise. The whole west coast of Saaremaa is.

S.You mean you want to be there in the winter? It can get pretty wild. I understand that almost no one except the lighthouse keeper stays there all year round.

Kate said...

Oooh lovely pics! The festival sounds like a lot of fun. And yes, i would love to come visit some summer and watch the sun set and enjoy the sites! :)

martha said...

...and I would love to have you here.

Leatherdykeuk said...

What fabulous pictures, Martha.

sonia said...

gorgeous pictures especially wildflowers and sea. would love to be there - English summer is doing its usual changeable thing.

martha said...

Thank you Rachel

Our summer hasn't been all like that. We've had some crappy days, but this week it's back and glorious again.