Sunday, January 4, 2009

Walking to Rivendell – Week 1 Report

Late in December, my MuseMugger’s friend, who shall be identified here as ‘D’, began to talk about a mental and physical fitness challenge roughly titled ‘Walking to Rivendell’, which as some of you know, (but not me, at the time) is the start of the journey undertaken by Frodo and friends to the traditional home of the Elves. The distance was said to be 458 miles (or 737 km for us continentals).

The idea for this challenge with more details than you probably want can be found at:

D and I have agreed to undertake this challenge (electronically) together as Companion Shieldmaidens. We estimate that at the rate of about 10 miles a week which we think we can accomplish, we should reach Rivendell by mid-November, or as D says, ‘mid- NaNoWriMo.

So what in the name of Albert am I doing? Maybe a better question is why am I doing it? It’s not as if I don’t already have enough to keep my self occupied, and if I should leak any sign of having extra time, the Organic Farmer Folk have a list of things for my attention longer than …… well, longer than your whatever……

One objective is improved physical fitness. Some of you know that I have been trying to lose weight. My Doctor’s assurances that this would diminish the arthritis symptoms have proven accurate. But with the arrival of winter this positive trend has diminished to a trickle. So committing to this will get me out and about at a time when motivation is normally not about. A real fair-weather friend – that Motivation.

Also after a quick glance at my projected financial situation, I think it unlikely that I will have cash to travel corporeally for quite awhile. So, if I can’t travel in the flesh why not take a journey of the mind and imagination? Why not?

So, why not – indeed!

One week on, how am I doing? Well, I began by messing up the math. I used the wrong number to convert km’s to miles and have walked 13 miles instead of the agreed 10, other wise I’m having a ball. Take a look.

Every journey has to begin somewhere Beginning =Algus in Eesti*

We also need to have a map. Oh, Kudjape is the village where I live

Terviserade are health trails, some

thing Saaremaa, my island is rather keen on.

On my first day I encountered the King of the Winter Forest. This is his throne

and this the seat reserved

for interrogating travellers who wish to pass through his kingdom.

Be careful – Trick, ahead. This is a short cut through the under kingdom to the home of the Elves. Although full size beings may find it hard to get out once they have gotten in.

I must have answered correctly as I have now been given permission to continue onto the snow forest.

Some statistics: The journey of 458 miles begins



Algus - begin at the beginning



Enter into the Kingdom of the Winter

People. Receive the Winter King’s

blessing for the journey



Into the Citadel to repair my chariot,

Marlene. The Blue Angel needs new




Into Crane village for supplies,

arrange funds for the journey



Through the Snow Forest:

stare down the red witch

*Please forgive me if I try to teach you a little of my language as we travel.


Leatherdykeuk said...

How fabulous!
I wish you good speed!

spacedlaw said...

Yeah! Pictures!

martha said...

Rachel, Thank you for the good wishes.

N. Isn't having a camera of one's own a treat!

stephanie said...

Damn! I'm behind already! Will get marching tomorrow!

Good for you!

martha said...

Steph are you joining us?

Mediterranean kiwi said...

now i understand what rivendell is!